Casper Sleep Mattress Review

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If you have sleeping issues that get in the way of good night’s rest, maybe it’s time to change your mattress. A proper mattress is an important factor in getting a night’s worth of relaxing sleep.

The composition of a great mattress makes for better pressure relief and comfort—it will also prevent constant tossing and turning while sleeping. So, for peace of mind in the evenings as you tuck yourself in bed, make sure to invest in the right mattress. Read this review of the Casper Sleep Mattress and determine if this one is perfect for your needs.

Features of the Casper Sleep Mattress

  • Has 4 layers of foam construction for additional bounce, breathability and support
  • Includes open-cell hypoallergenic latex for optimal coolness
  • Company allows 100-night free trial and returns within allotted 100 day period


This mattress from the Casper brand is composed of all-foam materials in 4 layers. The top layer comes with 1.5” of polyfoam that has a good response. Like all top layers, it is meant for comfort, bounce and cooling.

The second layer comes with 1.5” of polyfoam and this layers functions to give support, provide pressure relief and aid in preventing any possible heat retention problems, which is a common issue with memory foam. The third layer is composed of 5” of support-giving polyfoam. This foam is meant to act as the base for the whole mattress and it supports the rest of the layers.

The mattress is built to produce receptive and contouring qualities for users through its combination of memory foam and foam material that functions like latex. One issue with memory foam is that is prone to absorbing heat.

It does produce a foundation of pressure relief and support, however due to it being prone to absorbing heat, the company decided to place the memory foam beneath the polyfoam layer so users will acquire improved cooling along with the responsive qualities of the polyfoam. At the same time, the design also retains the body contouring and support feature of the memory foam layer.

The mattress has a cover with a segment of white material positioned on top which stretches from one edge to another. The top of the cover, on the other hand, has an elastic quality to it, with a soft and plush texture which makes it breathable. It is porous as well so it can enhance the breathability and cooling of the mattress.

The product offers a nice amount of bounce—it still offers a resilient feel even though it does not possess the same bounce of authentic latex. The contour and the hug of the mattress are attributed to the combination of memory foam and latex properties.

Latex offers minimal contouring compared to memory foam, which is one of its huge advantages. Once you lie down on it, the amount of sinkage will be based on how heavy you are. The mattress is capable of returning to its original shape fast because of the latex-like component.

This product is for individuals who often sleep on their backs or stomachs. It has a moderate firmness to it and it conforms to the user’s natural curves so it will greatly benefit stomach and back sleepers.

It is also ideal for individuals who are not too heavy or light with a tendency to sleep on their sides. The combination of memory foam and comfort foam makes for excellent pressure relief. Furthermore, if you are after flexibility and bounce, you cannot go wrong with this mattress.

The mattress was capable of sleeping cool so this is recommended for those who live in areas with a hotter climate. Positioning the latex foam over the memory foam layer was key in maintaining a cool temperature on the mattress at all times.

Lastly, cleanup is a breeze since the mattress comes with a zipper. You can remove the cover and machine wash and dry it to keep it in optimal condition.


The mattress might not be for individuals who are after innerspring models because this kind of mattress differs greatly from those with springs. In addition, if you are only after an authentic memory foam mattress, then this combo mattress is not really made for your needs. Pure memory foam mattresses are quite firm and this product in particular comes with flex and bounce.


The Casper Sleep Mattress is a product that has a good amount of resilience and bounce which will accommodate the needs of people who want to move about easily on the mattress. With 4 distinct layers, each with different purposes, you will find that this mattress provides a suitable degree of support, but still retains its flexibility.

Due to its excellent cooling qualities, this is a great product for people who live in areas with a hotter climate. The removable zip cover can be machine washed and dried, which makes it easy to maintain. Since the mattress comes with a 100-day trial period, it is easy for you to try it to see if it is a mattress that is going to suit your needs.


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