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Sleeping is needed by our bodies—it gives our bodies much-needed rest and in turn, revitalizes us for the coming day. We spent nearly a third of our lives asleep so it is crucial to choose the best mattress you can afford.

Investing in a quality mattress allows us to have a good night’s sleep without the constant tossing, turning and the back pains. There is a nice selection of materials and kinds of mattresses being sold in the market today.

There are innerspring mattresses, models made from memory foam, those with air chambers, latex, and pocket coil systems. The highest rated mattress is an essential buy that must be decided on with the utmost consideration and thought.

Buying Mattresses: What You Need to Remember

In order to buy a mattress that works for you, you need to keep in mind some important factors. The mattress is an essential at home and it is actually the most used furniture compared to the likes of the couch or kitchen chairs. Here are some of the factors involved in getting a mattress that is going to give you the support and comfort level that you need.

Determine your style of sleeping

Every person on the planet has his or her own style of sleeping. There are people who sleep on their backs, there are side sleepers and then there are those who sleep on their sides.

Mattresses come in different types, so they have different functions too, which will cater to the needs of varying sleep styles. Hence, if you know your sleep type, you will be more aware of what kind of mattress best suits your sleeping style.

Test the mattress if you have the chance

If you are doing the brick and mortar route, make sure to check the mattress properly. Do not just lay a hand or your back on it. Take a few minutes of your time testing the mattress in the position you often sleep in. You can even ask the salesperson for a pillow for a more thorough test.

Shopping for one online? Look for a company that has one of those 100-night trial runs. The 100-night period allows you enough time to decide whether the mattress works for you.

Gather info about the models you are interested in

It is always a bad idea to go after the first mattress that you see in the store. Make sure to do some research first. As soon as you have determined your sleep style, it is easier to look for models that will suit your needs.

Read information about the mattresses you are interested in and check out reviews, their ratings, their benefits and disadvantages. By doing so, going for the best option in your list will be made much easier.

Price is not always key to an excellent product

There is always a misconception that the more expensive a mattress, the better its quality. However, it does not essentially mean that the mattress will be a totally comfortable, support-giving model. If you check out reviews, you will notice that some expensive products are rated poorly by many customers.

Many customers often expect that the more they pay for a product, the greater the ultimate comfort from said product. That is not always the case with prices; in fact, there are affordable models out there which work better compared to the more expensive ones.

Thus, you should always do some research first before buying a mattress. Reading reviews is a good way of learning which among the lot delivers on their promises.

Factor in alternatives

Many consumers often have a list of models they are interested in; however, some might be out of stock. Thus, it is always good to check out alternatives offered.

If the staff completely understands your preferences and requirements, chances are they can provide a couple of items that are excellent substitutes for the brand of mattress you are looking for. Ask them questions about brands and products you never considered before.

Don’t making an impulse buy

Many people often make buying mistakes just because the price was just too great or it looks so pretty in the showroom. Unless your mattress was destroyed and you have no place to sleep, there is no need to make a fast buying decision.

Make sure to take notes about the mattresses you check out and weigh in their negatives and positives. You might gather after some research that there are other options out there that may also accommodate your needs.

Always go for a reputable seller or store

Before blowing your money on the highest rated mattress, make sure to check out information about the retailer to guarantee that the shop is going to remain true to their service promises and have stayed in the business for a sufficient period of time to completely understand the trade.

Regardless of whether the mattress is the best in the business, a retailer or seller with bad rep can degrade what could have been a satisfying purchasing experience.

Consider both comfort and support

Many consumers often go for comfort and overlook the support quality of a mattress. Those two factors go side by side—a great balance of the two will make your sleeping experience more satisfying.

If you want to acquire proper sleep each night, make sure to acquire a mattress that gives ample support. A mattress that does not have this will leave you with constant back pain and it will also lead to tossing and turning in bed. Thus, both comfort and support are essential in a quality mattress.

Take care of the mattress

If you want your mattress to give you longer service, it is also good to consider items that will help preserve its condition. The salesperson will often recommend purchasing an additional protector for the mattress.

While this is clearly a case of an upsell, mattress protectors can help in preserving the integrity of your bed. The protector helps in keeping the mattress segregated from body fluids like sweat and unwelcome spills.

Just be certain that the protector comes with the same qualities as the mattress like excellent air distribution. Taking proper care of the mattress is crucial since it will not only benefit the warranty, it will also give you longer service.





Casper Sleep Mattress $$$ 4.2/5
    Leesa Mattress, Queen  $$$  4.1/5
 hamuq hybrid  The Hamuq Hybrid $$  4.7/5
Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress  $$   4.3/5
Endy mattress The Endy Mattress $$ 4.6/5
 Purple Queen Mattress  $$$  4.2/5
WinkBeds Mattress For Sale – Best Rated Mattress  $$$  4.4/5
Saatva Mattress  $$$  4.3/5
 The Sapira Mattress  $$$  4.4/5
   Helix Mattress  $$$  4.5/5

5 Suggested Mattresses

Those helpful tips aside, it is now time for product recommendations. Choosing a good mattress can be a challenge for most of us so we have listed 5 good mattresses that have garnered numerous positives from customers. Check out these models and see which among the 5 suits your needs best.

The Hamuq Hybrid Mattress

The Hamuq Hybrid mattress is made from a material called biofoam. This biofoam makes use of soy which acts as a base and this in turn leads to the production of an ultra-breathable foam material which does not retain heat, unlike standard memory foam. The product comes with a pocket coil design which is the most availed system in mattresses right now. Pocket coil systems give customized comfort by contouring the body of the user. It means there will be less motion transfer so you and your companion can roll over or move around the bed without disturbing each other.

The coils are separately wrapped and they move independently of each other as well. They are put in individual pockets so it can accurately contour to every user and give comforting, excellent pressure relief. Standard innerspring systems are durable and do give pressure relief, however it does not have the excellent movement separation or customized contouring of a pocket coil system.

Another great advantage of this product, other than giving comfort and ample support, is that it can be tested for 101 nights free, care of the company. In case you feel like returning the product because it did not work out for you, you can do so before the allotted 101-time frame.

hamuq hybrid


  • Retains cooler temperature for comfort all the time
  • Durable and sturdy mattress
  • Supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Offers excellent value for your money
  • Gives great pressure relief
  • Offers lumbar support


Does not ship to the US


The Endy Mattress

The Endy Mattress is a memory foam type mattress that has a medium firmness for good comfort and support. This is a product for people who are looking for a firmer item—this is a mattress with excellent push-back and less give.

Due to its design, the unit provides great support for its users, plus a moderately firmer quality. This is also a mattress for those who are not fond of excessive sinking. The mattress has minimal sinkage and it allows users to be more on top of the foam.

For individuals who are after better edge support, this product is for you. It comes with an additional solid feel which translates to sturdier edge support. The mattress is a joy to sit and lie on and it will benefit people who sleep on their sides more.

Another excellent advantage of ordering an Endy product is that the company allows a 100-night trial period. That is more than enough for a trial period! After the 100 days, in case you do not feel like keeping the mattress, you can return the bed to the company and get a full refund. It not only ships to Canada, but the US as well.

The mattress is made in Toronto, Canada and is constructed with high-quality materials sourced from the US. If you want a firm memory foam mattress, this product is ideal for you.

Endy mattress


  • Provides excellent comfort for side sleepers
  • Comes with cooling gel inside memory foam to maintain cool temperature
  • Has 100-night trial period
  • Made in Toronto, Canada with materials sourced from North America
  • Backed by 10-year warranty


  • Mattress is slow to respond
  • Might not accommodate stomach sleepers because of firm quality

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress with T & N Adaptive Foam

The Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress is for the consumer who wants a product that has a medium firmness and is not too soft and plush that it succumbs to excessive sinking. It provides good support and a nice amount of padding for the comfort factor. It has just the right level of softness and firmness that men and women, especially side sleepers, will appreciate.

The mattress is also anti-microbial, resistant to dust mites and has hypoallergenic properties. Consumers will benefit from a safe, non-toxic mattress compared to one that comes with harmful irritants.

The foam that the mattress is made from is examined and certified safe by Certi-PUR USA. It meets the strictest standards in terms of materials, performance, environment-friendly qualities and off-gassing.

Lastly, the company offers a 100-day trial run for the mattress and is also backed by a 10-year warranty. If you want to guarantee that you are getting the right mattress for your needs, you can test it for a hundred days and if you are not intent on keeping it, you can return it to the company.


  • Engineered by experts for excellent back support
  • Mechanically adjusts to the body for better comfort
  • Provides less motion transfer
  • Made with premium materials including the company’s patented T & N adaptive foam
  • Provides the proper amount of support and bounce
  • Has gel and graphite cooling properties
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Backed by 10-year warranty plus a 100-night trial period


  • Might not be for individuals who do not like shopping online
  • May be too firm for some people
  • Might take a full month before users notice its advantages
  • Returns of the product can be complicated

Leesa Queen Mattress

The Leesa Mattress, Queen fuses a strong foundational layer for support, memory foam for additional pressure relief and Avena for bounce and air circulation. All merged as one, the layers adapt to the user’s style of sleeping, body weight and form. This translates into a mattress that efficiently answers your sleeping needs.

This is a product that comes with medium firmness so it will accommodate side sleepers very well. It mattress comes with a balanced quality to it—not too soft nor too firm. It gives a fair amount of sinkage and it has great body contouring as well.

The product is made from premium materials but still comes with a competitive price that most can afford. Another benefit of this mattress is that the company is willing to pay it forward, donating a mattress to homeless shelters for every 10 beds sold.

This is a product that is super comfortable to sleep on and it provides good pressure relief. If you suffer from backaches, you should try this one out. The mattress provides high-quality foam with a good design that delivers the comfort, support and relief that one needs in order to have a comfortable sleep.


  • Offers excellent value for your money
  • Gives superior comfort and support
  • Provides consistent pressure relief
  • Made in the US
  • Offers free UPS shipping
  • Company offers a 100-night trial period


  • Comes only in one model
  • Might be too firm for some
  • Has initial factory smell
  • Not fit for very obese/overweight people

Casper Sleep California King Mattress

The Casper brand is fairly new; however, it has turned into one of the most talked-about mattress brands online. The brand is responsible for making beds that feature a latex-like foam material throughout its memory foam set up.

This combination leads to a mattress that sleeps cool, has a bit of resilience to it and provides the benefits of both materials in just one mattress. In other words, the design is effective and lots of consumers loved it.

The Casper mattress is great for individuals who sleep on their backs and stomachs. It is also durable due to the design, materials and construction it was provided with.

The mattress’ surface contours in a topnotch way and it provides users good sleep support, less motion transfer and stability throughout the night. You can change position in this bed easily because of the minimal motion transfer and fewer vibrations. Other than that, you can test the mattress for 100 nights free thanks to the company’s trial run.

This is also a mattress that will provide long-lasting comfort for people who live in areas with hotter climates. The introduction of the latex-like material is responsible for maintaining coolness within the mattress, translating into a more relaxed and better sleep.


  • Great for people who are into hybrid mattresses
  • Ideal for consumers who are after the benefits of latex foam
  • Best for back and stomach sleepers
  • Maintains cool temperature for relaxed sleep
  • Can be bought conveniently online


  • Might not be for people who are not into latex foam
  • Not for people who surpass weight limitations of the product
  • May not be for people who want a pure memory foam model


There are lots of factors you should take into consideration when buying a new mattress. You have to deal with size, the kind of mattress, your sleeping style and the features the mattress comes with. As long as you know what you need, you will never have that much difficulty finding the mattress that will give you the optimal support and comfort you need.