AleaSleep Mattress Review – Why/Why Not Alea?

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Choosing the right mattress, given the plethora of options today can be rather confusing. In store? Online? Makes? Models? Sizes? Etc… The list goes on. AleaSleep decided to put together 3 mattresses at 3 common price points. The goal being: to reduce confusion and offer the customer a simple and streamlined experience to a great sleep. Let’s see what Alea has in store (pun intended) for us.

Be sure to read on for an unbiased review of the Alea Mattresses.

AleaSleep Mattress Review

Features of the Alea Mattresses

  • Mattress comes with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
  • Mattresses are Made with Canadian Materials
  • Mattresses all have AleaFoam™ that is a perfect mix between memory foam and traditional foam
  • They have significantly less chemicals then other mattresses
  • There prices are well below that of relative competitors for similar quality
  • Made in Canada
  • Has complete refund guarantee with a 101-night trial
  • Backed by 10-year warranty

Advantages of Each Mattress Serenity, Sanctuary

Alea Serenity Mattress

The Alea Serenity Mattress is unique in that it offers both the AleaFoam™ with a 3″ layer of cooling gel memory foam on top. This increases the comfort and support that many people are finding they like and desire. Most competitors, including Endy and Casper, use 2″ of memory foam or a cooling gel memory foam. So the extra 1″ really makes a difference. Its covered with a 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover, which is like sleeping on heaven. Not that you want to always sleep directly on the cover (its tempting), but the positive impact of this type of cover are second to none. It’s heavenly *droolface*.

Alea Sanctuary Mattress

The epidemy of sleep. Combining the best features of every sleep technology and revolution. The aleasleep sanctuary mattress has all of the pluses and none of the drawbacks. It features the cooling memory foam that gives you the deep pressure and cradling support, with a layer of organic zoned latex. That allows your body the softness and spring. Nothing compares to latex’s cooling features, but to add even more temperature regulation, the Sanctuary added a wool layer for that added luxury.  On top of this, its covered with an organic cotton layer, thats 100% GOTS certified. GOTS is a strict regulation. Anything that isn’t GOTS certified, isnt for a reason. And that reason is probably because the company is trying to greenwash you. So be wary of those who say organic cotton without the appropriate GOTS certification. It’s not expensive to get, but it has strict guidelines. Guidelines you want followed when paying for organic materials. The comfort and support is second to none and when I close my eyes, I can feel the soft support of this wonderful mattress.


If your after a really luxurious mattress, be prepared to pay a luxury price tag. The Sanctuary has all the frills, but if you have the budget its worth it. Keep in mind you’ll need sheets, pillows, bed frame and the rest of the furniture in the room. If you only sleep on your stomach or only on your back, the Serenity may be a bit too soft for you. A trick with the selemy is you can flip it over to get a really firm mattress if thats what you want.

If you do want to try it in person, unfortunately you will have to order it first. However, there is a free 101 night trial, with free shipping and returns so its of no risk to you. Other then setup and return if that is the case.


Alea really covers the bases with their product lineup. Each offering is unique in its own way and provides great value at the price points. We wouldn’t be surprised after a year or so to see these prices go up by a few hundred dollars each.


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Jared - August 20, 2019

frickin love this bed. It feels like im sleeping on a cloud being held by zeus himself.

Sara - August 20, 2019

I’m so happy i picked this over the casper. My best friend has a casper, and my alea serenity is 10000000x better. No joke. Plus it was less expensive. Now my friend is pissed lol because i paid less and she likes mine more.


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