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The Hamuq Mattress Review

A good night’s sleep is always a must for every individual. We all perform well at work or school if we get enough sleep. A great sleeping habit is also key for maintaining good skin and an overall positive attitude. When it comes to better sleeping habits, a proper mattress is a crucial element. This review is specific for the hamuq mattress.

There are numerous mattresses being sold today, each with different features, materials and sizes so it can get a little confusing as to which product you might want to buy. If you need help, check out reviews of such products. In this article, you can read more about the Hamuq Hybrid Mattress.

hamuq hybrid


  • Has minimum foam density of 2 lbs.
  • Uses pocket coil technology for less motion transfer
  • Comes with coils made from 15-gauge Canadian steel
  • Gives great support; designed and produced in Toronto, Canada
  • Can be used on slatted bed frames, platform beds, standard box springs or straight on the floor
  • Has 12” thickness
  • Suits all sleeping styles—side, back, stomach
  • Company provides 101-night trial period for free


Good mattresses are not hard to find these days but due to the abundance of models, choosing a great one can be a challenge. To make your selections easier, always look for reviews of products you are interested in. Chances are you may have been curious about the workings of the Hamuq Hybrid mattress.

The mattress has been built with a new advanced design where the company has condensed the mattress and securely rolled it into a manageable, more compact package. By making use of a coil system, the product is allowed to “breath” as air is capable of circulating beneath the mattress. This leads to a


mattress that is cool and comfortable to lie on.

The pocket coil system design decreases motion transfer in the same manner as memory foam. The mattress is composed of foam that is wrapped with a sturdy biofoam material all over its edges to guarantee excellent edge support. It also comes with a slim layer of biofoam on top of the coils.

The layer is followed by 3 lbs. of VLS gel memory foam and 2 inches of soft biofoam. It is finished off with 1” ultra-dense foam quilting on top of the mattress. Because of the merging of foam layers, it makes for a comfortable bed to rest and lie on and it retains stability as well due to the presence of pocket coils.

hamuq mattress review

The mattress is medium firm which many will appreciate, particularly side sleepers. It has softness due to the presence of the pillow-type top; however, it does provide stability and a solid foundation because of the pocket coils.

The mattress was tested right away after unboxing and even though it was not completely inflated after unrolling, the mattress displayed a firmness that is excellent compared to similar products. Check out the mattress after a few hours and it will have expanded to full size, providing a wholly comfortable and firm surface that your back will be thankful for.

Light sleepers will not be disturbed while snoozing because of little motion transfer. This makes the mattress a nice bed for couples. The mattress can be rotated if you prefer and the company suggests that you can rotate the mattress every 6 months if you want.

Another advantage of this product is that it does not hold heat, unlike memory foam mattresses. The product will not sag after extended use since the pocket coils are known to contain their original shape extremely well, even after a lengthy amount of time.

Lastly, if the mattress doesn’t work for you, the company offers a 101-night free trial run for the mattress. You can use it until the allotted time and in case you are not too keen on keeping it, you can return the product to the company and avail of a refund.


Because this product has a medium firmness, this might not be ideal for strict stomach sleepers. Strictly stomach sleepers require something extremely firm, almost like a board. While it has a plush feel, it is not overly so and it melds softness and firmness at balanced amounts. Hence this product will accommodate the needs of all types of sleepers. If you only sleep on your side, then you should consider getting something firmer.

In addition, the company does not ship to the US.

Update July 4th: It is now shipping to the USA


The Hamuq Hybrid is something all sleepers should check out… if you live in Canada, that is. (update: USA now too 🙂

It’s main selling points are the pocket coils, sleeping cooler, no sinking, and lots of comfort.  This is a product that combines a balanced level of softness and firmness. It is not too firm nor too plush; providing a balanced amount of support with a soft feel.

The product was also a success in terms of less motion transfer so it makes for an excellent bed for couples. The mattress is made with premium materials that last for a long time. Lastly, you can test the product for 101 nights, thanks to the company’s trial period.

The Endy Mattress Review

The top best-selling mattresses in the business are the memory foam models. Memory foam is the choice of many consumers because of its capability to conform to the user’s body, allow for better support and give a relaxing sleep. Many people reported less tossing and turning and discomfort while using memory foam mattresses.

However, there are so many memory foam mattresses available in the market right now and choosing the right one can be difficult. Thankfully we have reviews that we can rely on for info. This review focuses on the features, advantages and disadvantages of the Endy Mattress.

Endy mattress


  • Memory foam-type mattress
  • Comfort layer is made with a layer of 3 PCF gel memory foam on top and a layer of 1.6 PCF ultra-dense polyfoam at the bottom
  • Support core is made with 1.8 PCF ultra-dense polyfoam
  • Comes with quilted cover constructed from stretch knit polyester material
  • Has a height of 10”
  • Has thickness of 10”


The Endy Mattress is exclusively manufactured in Toronto, Canada and it is made with premium materials sourced from the US. It is composed of 3 layers of support foam, transition foam and quality gel memory foam.

It has a quilted cover which has a thick dimension to add to the supple and plush feel of the mattress. It is a medium in the firmness range and it provides excellent support. Other than that, the mattress includes some good edge support as well.

The mattress makes use of quality gel memory foam to make sleeping on it cool and comfortable fused with a solid, fast-response transition foam layer situated in the center to prevent a sinking feeling which is a common issue with memory foam mattresses.

The cover is thicker compared to other covers on similar products. It comes with air holes which let heat escape and disburse, therefore maintaining the coolness of the mattress. It is suggested for beds that have slatted frames, box springs, the platform kind, or placed directly on the floor. It will work well with frames that come with slats that are no further 2 inches apart from each other so it can correctly support the mattress.

The product comes with great edge support because of the solid materials it is made of. Users will not feel like they are falling off of their beds while sleeping or lying on it. It is a comfortable place to lie on and relax. You will not sink down into the mattress and instead, it provides a rather buoyant feeling which makes resting and sleeping on it a breeze.

While it will accommodate sleepers of all types, it will largely benefit individuals who often sleep on their sides; due to the plusher design of the mattress, it lets side sleepers depress into the surface, allowing the bed to further conform to the natural curves of the user’s body.

This is also recommended for consumers who want to take their time testing the product—the company allows a 100-night provisional or trial period for it. It is also good for people who take a while to completely familiarize themselves with a new mattress.

The lengthy trial period that the company offers gives consumers sufficient time to examine the product well and guarantee that they are sleeping comfortably on it before they decide whether they want to keep the product. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product after the 100-day period, they can return it to the company for a complete refund.

The unit is also good for people who want a cooler mattress to rest on. Due to the gel-fused top later of the mattress, it maintains its cool temperature at all times for better sleeping at night, especially during the hottest season of the year.

This is also a great mattress for couples. The product has topnotch motion isolation so users will not feel each and every movement that their companion makes in bed while sleeping.


One of the disadvantages of this product is that it may not feel right for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that is lower on the firmness scale. It is not the best fit for users who are after a very firm mattress.


The Endy Mattress is an excellent memory foam type mattress for people who want comfort and a cooler bed to lie on. It has enough support that can accommodate the needs of side sleepers. It comes with cooling gel within the memory foam to maintain optimal coolness.

This is great for individuals who want a soft and plush bed that conforms to the natural curves of the body. Other than that, the product also comes with a great 100-night trial period, which is pretty extensive. For consumers who want a luxurious bed that won’t sink easily, this is something you need to check out.


AleaSleep Mattress Review – Why/Why Not Alea?

Choosing the right mattress, given the plethora of options today can be rather confusing. In store? Online? Makes? Models? Sizes? Etc… The list goes on. AleaSleep decided to put together 3 mattresses at 3 common price points. The goal being: to reduce confusion and offer the customer a simple and streamlined experience to a great sleep. Let’s see what Alea has in store (pun intended) for us.

Be sure to read on for an unbiased review of the Alea Mattresses.

AleaSleep Mattress Review

Features of the Alea Mattresses

  • Mattress comes with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
  • Mattresses are Made with Canadian Materials
  • Mattresses all have AleaFoam™ that is a perfect mix between memory foam and traditional foam
  • They have significantly less chemicals then other mattresses
  • There prices are well below that of relative competitors for similar quality
  • Made in Canada
  • Has complete refund guarantee with a 101-night trial
  • Backed by 10-year warranty

Advantages of Each Mattress Serenity, Sanctuary

Alea Serenity Mattress

The Alea Serenity Mattress is unique in that it offers both the AleaFoam™ with a 3″ layer of cooling gel memory foam on top. This increases the comfort and support that many people are finding they like and desire. Most competitors, including Endy and Casper, use 2″ of memory foam or a cooling gel memory foam. So the extra 1″ really makes a difference. Its covered with a 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover, which is like sleeping on heaven. Not that you want to always sleep directly on the cover (its tempting), but the positive impact of this type of cover are second to none. It’s heavenly *droolface*.

Alea Sanctuary Mattress

The epidemy of sleep. Combining the best features of every sleep technology and revolution. The aleasleep sanctuary mattress has all of the pluses and none of the drawbacks. It features the cooling memory foam that gives you the deep pressure and cradling support, with a layer of organic zoned latex. That allows your body the softness and spring. Nothing compares to latex’s cooling features, but to add even more temperature regulation, the Sanctuary added a wool layer for that added luxury.  On top of this, its covered with an organic cotton layer, thats 100% GOTS certified. GOTS is a strict regulation. Anything that isn’t GOTS certified, isnt for a reason. And that reason is probably because the company is trying to greenwash you. So be wary of those who say organic cotton without the appropriate GOTS certification. It’s not expensive to get, but it has strict guidelines. Guidelines you want followed when paying for organic materials. The comfort and support is second to none and when I close my eyes, I can feel the soft support of this wonderful mattress.


If your after a really luxurious mattress, be prepared to pay a luxury price tag. The Sanctuary has all the frills, but if you have the budget its worth it. Keep in mind you’ll need sheets, pillows, bed frame and the rest of the furniture in the room. If you only sleep on your stomach or only on your back, the Serenity may be a bit too soft for you. A trick with the selemy is you can flip it over to get a really firm mattress if thats what you want.

If you do want to try it in person, unfortunately you will have to order it first. However, there is a free 101 night trial, with free shipping and returns so its of no risk to you. Other then setup and return if that is the case.


Alea really covers the bases with their product lineup. Each offering is unique in its own way and provides great value at the price points. We wouldn’t be surprised after a year or so to see these prices go up by a few hundred dollars each.

Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress Review

A good mattress is something you need to sleep better. You do not want a mattress that is too firm or too soft. There are plenty of mattresses available these days and choosing the right one can be confusing due to all the different models, materials, styles and builds.

You have to consider important factors as well. If you want fast access to information about these products, make sure to read reviews. Continue reading this review of the Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress.

Features of the Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress

  • Made with prime T & N adaptive foam which gives a buoyant and supportive quality to the mattress
  • Foam is tested and certified safe by CertiPUR US
  • Mattress comes with anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties
  • Mattress is resistant to allergens like dust mites
  • Suits all types of sleepers
  • Gives excellent pressure relief
  • T &N foam remains cool and is not too hard or soft
  • Made in the US
  • Has complete refund guarantee with a 100-night trial
  • Backed by 10-year warranty


This product from Tuft & Needle is exclusively made in the US. The mattress comes with 2 layers of foam—the top layer which is the comfort part of the mattress is 3” of polyfoam and is 2.9 PCF while the bottom layer is composed of 7” polyfoam which is 1.8 PCF. The bottom serves as the base of the mattress and it is also responsible for giving it shape.

When it comes to firmness, it is a tad firmer compared to average mattresses. This has a medium firmness to it which will ably support side sleepers. The mattress feels comfortable and it does not have that soft and fluffy feel that a lot of consumers are looking for.

The product has a tendency to mold and conform itself to the body of the user and this leads to sufficient support to distribute body weight and relieve pressure points.

In terms of motions transfer, it acts like a latex mattress. Hence this is an ideal mattress for couples. The mattress stops movement from disturbing your sleeping companion but it does not get rid of such interruptions, similar to other memory foam products.

The cover has a thin thickness and comes in a white color. The cover’s thinness in fact helps with enhancing the cooling properties of the mattress while still letting users directly sleep on the foam layer.

The cover provides a direct plushness and pressure relief to sleepers, due to its design. Furthermore, the mattress is suggested for beds that have a good, flat surface like a platform bed. It also works great when placed directly on the floor.

The product is great for individuals who want a quality mattress that they can afford. The item can be shipped straight from the factory to your home and this reduces overhead expenses. This is also a unit for consumers who are after a bit of bounce in their mattresses.

It is made from patented foam material but it has a feel that is similar to a latex mattress. This means users will acquire support and comfort without the excessive sinking that some memory foam mattresses give.

Another excellent advantage of the product is that it comes with a foam construction that remains cool, so sleeping on it feels great, even during hot nights. It is also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, which means people with allergies will never have any problems using this mattress.


Now if you are after a really luxurious item, this mattress might not be for you. It does not have the additional frills of luxury memory foam mattresses and is strictly a utilitarian model that prioritizes quality over extras. This is not a product for people who are after a spring mattress as well.

Also, keep in mind that this model has a medium firmness so this is great for side sleepers. Stomach sleepers need something softer and plusher.

Furthermore, this is the product for you if you want to try the mattress ASAP since it is only sold online. However, they do have a 100-day trial run so you can decide whether you like the mattress or not, whether it has eased your sleeping problems. The company provides a 100-day complete refund period to make sure that it’s indeed money well spent.


The Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress is a memory foam mattress that will suit the needs of side sleepers and those who are after a product that has a medium firmness. It is made from high-quality materials and it is exclusively manufactured in the United States.

This is a product that not only provides excellent comfort but it also less sinking, and is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial to boot. If you want something that is neither too soft nor too hard, then this mattress captures that sweet spot that most consumers don’t even know they are looking for.

Leesa Mattress, Queen Review

Having a restful sleep should always be a priority. Waking up fully rested makes for a better performance in the morning and you will feel better too, not drained and tired. One factor in getting a deep, relaxing sleep is sleeping on an excellent mattress. If you are looking for a quality mattress, you should continue reading this review of the Leesa Mattress, Queen version.

Features of the Leesa Mattress, Queen

  • Has excellent craftsmanship for a luxurious feel
  • Includes 3 layers of better quality foam that retains bounce with a cool feel, pressure relief and great core support
  • Designed and manufactured in the US
  • Comes with free 100-night trial period
  • Company gives back by offering a mattress to homeless shelters for every 10 mattresses sold


This Leesa Mattress, Queen comes with 2 major parts: the cover and the layered foam components. The foam comes with a top layer that functions as a cooling and comfort-giving component. It is made with 2” of Avena foam, a patented foam material which works like latex foam.

The second layer comes with 2” of memory foam for pressure relief and deeper compression support. The third layer is the base and it comes with 6” of high-density foam for support. It serves as the foundation of the mattress and has excellent breathable properties so it will not hold heat.

This product is a hybrid mattress which means you will benefit from the advantages of both the memory foam and Avena layers, which reduce the materials’ less desirable qualities. The Avena kind is made to give cooling, comfort and excellent air circulation.

The memory foam, meanwhile, provides superior support but it can hold heat so the Avena layer is there to prevent heat retention. In addition, the presence of 2” of Avena foam and memory foam has a solid impact on the manner in which the mattress works. Avena foam is a very responsive material so the bed can efficiently mold and form itself to your body.

Another good thing about the mattress is that it is well-produced and has a solid construction. This means that it will hold itself well even after years of use, which gives you great value for your money.

When it comes to firmness, you will have to be the judge of that; some will find it provides adequate support and firmness, while others might complain that it is too firm, while others may find it not firm enough. It is, after all, a product that is built to support the needs of most sleepers. It has medium firmness but it will definitely benefit side sleepers more.

The mattress has an excellent level support and comfort. This is the bed for relaxing and sleeping all night. With regards to thickness, the mattress has great quality and it spells optimal comfort whether you are sleeping in winter or summer nights. It has 2” of both Avena foam and memory foam plus another 6” of base/support foam so users are fully supported.

The Avena layer has a luxurious feel to it and it excellently conforms all over the body. The memory foam follows and embraces the shape of the body for better support. It is great for back and most types of sleepers. As for sinkage, the mattress displays moderate sinkage and it does a great job in reducing motion transfer, which makes it a good mattress for couples.

The cover of the product meanwhile is cut from one segment of fabric which covers the whole product. Even though the cover plays only a minor part in the entire ensemble, it does well in the appearance department.

It comes with a 4-bat design and because it is cut from the same fabric which covers the mattress, makes the whole item look uniform and consistent. The cover is thick and is made from a poly-Lycra blend that has a great weave. Because it has Lycra components, you can count on the cover to have good durability.


The product might not be for people who prefer spring mattresses. This is also not recommended for very overweight or obese individuals since it will not provide sufficient support. For people who want a plusher feel, this mattress is not for you.

While the mattress is soft and comfortable, it does have moderate sinkage; however, this does not mean that it is overly soft and pliant. It has equal amounts firmness and softness that caters to the needs of a good majority of consumers.


The Leesa Mattress, the Queen-style product is for individuals who want a super comfortable mattress with excellent comfort and support. It has a sufficient thickness that comes in 3 layers that provide cooling properties, comfort and pressure relief.

The cover that comes with the mattress also makes the whole product look better. In case you need a mattress that not only provides relief but also a striking look for the bedroom, this product is something you need to check out.

Casper Sleep Mattress Review

If you have sleeping issues that get in the way of good night’s rest, maybe it’s time to change your mattress. A proper mattress is an important factor in getting a night’s worth of relaxing sleep.

The composition of a great mattress makes for better pressure relief and comfort—it will also prevent constant tossing and turning while sleeping. So, for peace of mind in the evenings as you tuck yourself in bed, make sure to invest in the right mattress. Read this review of the Casper Sleep Mattress and determine if this one is perfect for your needs.

Features of the Casper Sleep Mattress

  • Has 4 layers of foam construction for additional bounce, breathability and support
  • Includes open-cell hypoallergenic latex for optimal coolness
  • Company allows 100-night free trial and returns within allotted 100 day period


This mattress from the Casper brand is composed of all-foam materials in 4 layers. The top layer comes with 1.5” of polyfoam that has a good response. Like all top layers, it is meant for comfort, bounce and cooling.

The second layer comes with 1.5” of polyfoam and this layers functions to give support, provide pressure relief and aid in preventing any possible heat retention problems, which is a common issue with memory foam. The third layer is composed of 5” of support-giving polyfoam. This foam is meant to act as the base for the whole mattress and it supports the rest of the layers.

The mattress is built to produce receptive and contouring qualities for users through its combination of memory foam and foam material that functions like latex. One issue with memory foam is that is prone to absorbing heat.

It does produce a foundation of pressure relief and support, however due to it being prone to absorbing heat, the company decided to place the memory foam beneath the polyfoam layer so users will acquire improved cooling along with the responsive qualities of the polyfoam. At the same time, the design also retains the body contouring and support feature of the memory foam layer.

The mattress has a cover with a segment of white material positioned on top which stretches from one edge to another. The top of the cover, on the other hand, has an elastic quality to it, with a soft and plush texture which makes it breathable. It is porous as well so it can enhance the breathability and cooling of the mattress.

The product offers a nice amount of bounce—it still offers a resilient feel even though it does not possess the same bounce of authentic latex. The contour and the hug of the mattress are attributed to the combination of memory foam and latex properties.

Latex offers minimal contouring compared to memory foam, which is one of its huge advantages. Once you lie down on it, the amount of sinkage will be based on how heavy you are. The mattress is capable of returning to its original shape fast because of the latex-like component.

This product is for individuals who often sleep on their backs or stomachs. It has a moderate firmness to it and it conforms to the user’s natural curves so it will greatly benefit stomach and back sleepers.

It is also ideal for individuals who are not too heavy or light with a tendency to sleep on their sides. The combination of memory foam and comfort foam makes for excellent pressure relief. Furthermore, if you are after flexibility and bounce, you cannot go wrong with this mattress.

The mattress was capable of sleeping cool so this is recommended for those who live in areas with a hotter climate. Positioning the latex foam over the memory foam layer was key in maintaining a cool temperature on the mattress at all times.

Lastly, cleanup is a breeze since the mattress comes with a zipper. You can remove the cover and machine wash and dry it to keep it in optimal condition.


The mattress might not be for individuals who are after innerspring models because this kind of mattress differs greatly from those with springs. In addition, if you are only after an authentic memory foam mattress, then this combo mattress is not really made for your needs. Pure memory foam mattresses are quite firm and this product in particular comes with flex and bounce.


The Casper Sleep Mattress is a product that has a good amount of resilience and bounce which will accommodate the needs of people who want to move about easily on the mattress. With 4 distinct layers, each with different purposes, you will find that this mattress provides a suitable degree of support, but still retains its flexibility.

Due to its excellent cooling qualities, this is a great product for people who live in areas with a hotter climate. The removable zip cover can be machine washed and dried, which makes it easy to maintain. Since the mattress comes with a 100-day trial period, it is easy for you to try it to see if it is a mattress that is going to suit your needs.