GI Scooter Review – A Great Deal

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It all started in california riding around on my BIRD scooter. I absolutely fell in love with these things. They were fun, and saved me a ton of money on ubers. Being back in Toronto I was looking for a scooter to get me from A-B, whether it was work or a friends place. Honestly, owning the GI Scooter has changed my life, or so it feels. I am infinitely more mobile and I never have to worry about parking or locking it up.

Gi Scooter

Me on my Gi

My Life Has Changed

From visiting friends, to getting to the gym, to getting groceries. It’s like the city of Toronto has just expanded for me. Usually I stuck around in my little bubble, AKA where i could walk within 15 minutes. But now 15 minutes on this baby and I’m halfway across the ctiy. No more annoying street cars.

Why I Picked Gi Scooter

Well I already had experience  with BIRD and this was a replica of it. I did some research and by far this was the scooter with the best Specs for its price point. Segway has one for about 50% more, which I test rode that and it was nice. But ultimately I preferred the GI.

It’s smooth, the battery is great and it takes bumps really well. Your probably thinking “how do those little wheels take the bumps in Toronto?”¬† To my surprise quite well. I even thing its safer than a bicycle because you are more agile on it if you need to avoid any type of accident.

Another huge perk is that I can take it inside with me, and up my elevator. I had a bicycle for a week before it got stolen. I understand I didn’t have the right lock, but it can be annoying locking your bike up in 3 different ways just to keep it from being stolen.¬† I can take my little scoot inside and up to my apartment.. I can take it into a restaurant or my friends house. I can take it into work.

“I care about weather so much more now”

Honestly, I get noticeably sad when it’s raining. When it rains I cant ride my little scooty. It’s sort of funny. I’m dreading winter when I have to go back to transit. But believe me, I’ll be riding this thing until it snows. I might even try it in the snow. Bad idea? Yeah probably, but thats how much I love it.

Aesthetically Pleasing

This scooter is a beauty in the looks category. It’s stylish and sleek and I feel like i’m in an episode of the Jetsons. Honestly, the thought of riding a scooter was a bit ridiculous to me, but I really do turn heads. And people are always commenting on how good it looks.

In Summary

It’s a fantastic travel device. Its uber convenient, and eliminates my need for Ubers. I’ve saved more money in 3 months then I spent on it. And I’ve done more things because of it. Now I’m just trying to convince all my friends to get one so we can scoot around together.

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