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The Hamuq Mattress Review – The Best Bed In a Box

Features of the Hamuq Mattress

  • A Hybrid Pocket Coil, Memory Foam and Pillow Top Mattress
  • Coils are Canadian Steel and Made In Canada (This is the highest quality, and often very expensive)
  • 980 Coils in a Queen (High Coil Count)
  • It is certified by CertiPUR-US certified
  • Open cell biofoam top layer
  • Memory foam below top layer for deep pressure relief
  • Comes with a 15 years warranty
  • A quality hypoallergenic and anti-microbial cover
  • Compact packaging

Advantages of the Hamuq Hybrid

Quality hybrids last longer, are more supportive and comfortable then all-foam mattresses. A review of mattress types, show us that the pocket coil base eliminates motion transfer, simultaneously providing the perfect amount of bounce. Foam bases don’t push back like springs do, which results in unequal pressure across your body. The dual layer memory foam top and biofoam open cell pillow top provide the comfort of a soft luxurious mattress. Its a great combination relieving pressure on your spine, lower back and shoulders.

Warranties can be quite important when making a big purchase like a mattress. The Hamuq touts a 15 year warranty. We assume this is because of the canadian steel coils they use. Unfortunately its usually the foam that gives away first, not the coils, so we will see how long the hamuq lasts. Regardless, its a good warranty.

The coils in the Hamuq are made with Canadian steel. Most coils are imported from overseas places like China. Unfortunately, these break down quickly and give a bad name to hybrid mattresses. However; you can rest easily knowing you have the highest quality canadian steel in your mattress.

The open cell biofoam layer allows for better airflow in the top part of the mattress. This helps iwth temperature regulation. The open air pocket coil design allows for airflow beneath the mattress, which also helps you sleep cooler. This can be very helpful in humid summer months or if you are generally a warmer sleeper.

The Hamuq Mattress has passed the CertiPUR-US certifications because they do not contain any of the toxic or fuming contents within. It does not use formaldehyde, heavy metals, TDCPP, TCEP, PBDEs that act as fire retarders and were unfortunately found to have negative health effects on humans. You can sleep better knowing this is a safe mattress.

The Hamuq also comes vacuum packed, fit into a fairly easy carried box. The queen and king can be moved by one person but we suggest two. The queen is 89 lbs and taking it up and or down stairs can be quite heavy. It’s super easy to unroll and is actually quite exciting to watch.

The pocket coils isolate movement transfer between you or your partner, or your furry little friend (not furry babe, we meant dog). So that’s nice if your partner rolls around a lot in the night. It won’t wake you up.

The top is a quality hypoallergenic and antimicrobial cover. It will reduce allergies and help you sleep better.


There can be a slight smell for an hour or so, so it’s best to let it air out with the window open. However, the hamuq seems to have a lot less of this smell then the others.

It is heavier then the all foam mattresses, so it can be harder to carry up stairs if you are by yourself.

Review Verdict

Overall this hamuq review has ticked off all the boxes of comfortable, supportive, affordable and durable. Its an innovative style of mattress and incorporates some great design features. At this price point and quality of design, its an impressive mattress, which will provide you with long years of good sleep. It’s worth every penny in our eyes.


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