Leesa Mattress, Queen Review

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Having a restful sleep should always be a priority. Waking up fully rested makes for a better performance in the morning and you will feel better too, not drained and tired. One factor in getting a deep, relaxing sleep is sleeping on an excellent mattress. If you are looking for a quality mattress, you should continue reading this review of the Leesa Mattress, Queen version.

Features of the Leesa Mattress, Queen

  • Has excellent craftsmanship for a luxurious feel
  • Includes 3 layers of better quality foam that retains bounce with a cool feel, pressure relief and great core support
  • Designed and manufactured in the US
  • Comes with free 100-night trial period
  • Company gives back by offering a mattress to homeless shelters for every 10 mattresses sold


This Leesa Mattress, Queen comes with 2 major parts: the cover and the layered foam components. The foam comes with a top layer that functions as a cooling and comfort-giving component. It is made with 2” of Avena foam, a patented foam material which works like latex foam.

The second layer comes with 2” of memory foam for pressure relief and deeper compression support. The third layer is the base and it comes with 6” of high-density foam for support. It serves as the foundation of the mattress and has excellent breathable properties so it will not hold heat.

This product is a hybrid mattress which means you will benefit from the advantages of both the memory foam and Avena layers, which reduce the materials’ less desirable qualities. The Avena kind is made to give cooling, comfort and excellent air circulation.

The memory foam, meanwhile, provides superior support but it can hold heat so the Avena layer is there to prevent heat retention. In addition, the presence of 2” of Avena foam and memory foam has a solid impact on the manner in which the mattress works. Avena foam is a very responsive material so the bed can efficiently mold and form itself to your body.

Another good thing about the mattress is that it is well-produced and has a solid construction. This means that it will hold itself well even after years of use, which gives you great value for your money.

When it comes to firmness, you will have to be the judge of that; some will find it provides adequate support and firmness, while others might complain that it is too firm, while others may find it not firm enough. It is, after all, a product that is built to support the needs of most sleepers. It has medium firmness but it will definitely benefit side sleepers more.

The mattress has an excellent level support and comfort. This is the bed for relaxing and sleeping all night. With regards to thickness, the mattress has great quality and it spells optimal comfort whether you are sleeping in winter or summer nights. It has 2” of both Avena foam and memory foam plus another 6” of base/support foam so users are fully supported.

The Avena layer has a luxurious feel to it and it excellently conforms all over the body. The memory foam follows and embraces the shape of the body for better support. It is great for back and most types of sleepers. As for sinkage, the mattress displays moderate sinkage and it does a great job in reducing motion transfer, which makes it a good mattress for couples.

The cover of the product meanwhile is cut from one segment of fabric which covers the whole product. Even though the cover plays only a minor part in the entire ensemble, it does well in the appearance department.

It comes with a 4-bat design and because it is cut from the same fabric which covers the mattress, makes the whole item look uniform and consistent. The cover is thick and is made from a poly-Lycra blend that has a great weave. Because it has Lycra components, you can count on the cover to have good durability.


The product might not be for people who prefer spring mattresses. This is also not recommended for very overweight or obese individuals since it will not provide sufficient support. For people who want a plusher feel, this mattress is not for you.

While the mattress is soft and comfortable, it does have moderate sinkage; however, this does not mean that it is overly soft and pliant. It has equal amounts firmness and softness that caters to the needs of a good majority of consumers.


The Leesa Mattress, the Queen-style product is for individuals who want a super comfortable mattress with excellent comfort and support. It has a sufficient thickness that comes in 3 layers that provide cooling properties, comfort and pressure relief.

The cover that comes with the mattress also makes the whole product look better. In case you need a mattress that not only provides relief but also a striking look for the bedroom, this product is something you need to check out.


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