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Logan and Cove Mattress Review – Pros and Cons

Features of the Logan and Cove Mattress

  • A Hybrid Pocket Coil Pillow Top
  • Coils are Chinese Steel
  • Coil Count 828
  • It is certified by CertiPUR-US certified
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • A quality hypoallergenic and anti-microbial cover
  • Compact packaging

Advantages of the Logan and Cove

Hybrids, like Logan and Cove have the chance to be more supportive and comfortable then their all-foam mattress counterparts. The pocket coil system eliminates movement transfer without sacrificing bounce and support push back. The memory foam on top gives a deep pressure relief and the comfort that some of us have come to admire. This mattress is a good combination of relieving pressure on your spine, lower back and shoulders.

The warranty is 10 years, which is pretty standard. You want at least 10 years. I would worry if it was only 5.

Having coils in the base is good, but these are imported from china. Something we will get into later.

The silk fill is nice, and it is eucalyptus derived. We don’t really know what that means, but it’s not like your paying tons of money for this mattress. So as long as your not allergic, lets call it a positive.

The Logan and Cove mattress has passed the CertiPUR-US certifications because they do not contain any of the toxic or fuming contents within. It does not use formaldehyde, heavy metals, TDCPP, TCEP, PBDEs that act as fire retarders and were unfortunately found to have negative health effects on humans. You can sleep better knowing this is a safe mattress.

The Logan and Cove also comes vacuum packed, fit into a fairly easy carried box. The queen and king can be moved by one person but we suggest two.  It’s super easy to unroll and is actually quite exciting to watch.

The pocket coils isolate movement transfer between you or your partner, or your furry little friend (not furry babe, we meant dog). So that’s nice if your partner rolls around a lot in the night. It won’t wake you up.



There seems to be a bit more of a smell to this mattress then others. Were not exactly sure why that is. Regardless it dissipates after 24 hours completely.

The coils are imported from China, which usually means they wont last as long. More often then not, Chinese coils break down. So forgive us for not trusting this completey.

It is heavier then the all foam mattresses, so it can be harder to carry up stairs if you are by yourself.

Review Verdict

Overall this logan and cove review has done a good job at ticking off all our boxes except for quality and longevity. While it lasts, it will be supportive and comfortable, but we are a little concerned given the coil construction.


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