The Endy Mattress Review

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The top best-selling mattresses in the business are the memory foam models. Memory foam is the choice of many consumers because of its capability to conform to the user’s body, allow for better support and give a relaxing sleep. Many people reported less tossing and turning and discomfort while using memory foam mattresses.

However, there are so many memory foam mattresses available in the market right now and choosing the right one can be difficult. Thankfully we have reviews that we can rely on for info. This review focuses on the features, advantages and disadvantages of the Endy Mattress.

Endy mattress


  • Memory foam-type mattress
  • Comfort layer is made with a layer of 3 PCF gel memory foam on top and a layer of 1.6 PCF ultra-dense polyfoam at the bottom
  • Support core is made with 1.8 PCF ultra-dense polyfoam
  • Comes with quilted cover constructed from stretch knit polyester material
  • Has a height of 10”
  • Has thickness of 10”


The Endy Mattress is exclusively manufactured in Toronto, Canada and it is made with premium materials sourced from the US. It is composed of 3 layers of support foam, transition foam and quality gel memory foam.

It has a quilted cover which has a thick dimension to add to the supple and plush feel of the mattress. It is a medium in the firmness range and it provides excellent support. Other than that, the mattress includes some good edge support as well.

The mattress makes use of quality gel memory foam to make sleeping on it cool and comfortable fused with a solid, fast-response transition foam layer situated in the center to prevent a sinking feeling which is a common issue with memory foam mattresses.

The cover is thicker compared to other covers on similar products. It comes with air holes which let heat escape and disburse, therefore maintaining the coolness of the mattress. It is suggested for beds that have slatted frames, box springs, the platform kind, or placed directly on the floor. It will work well with frames that come with slats that are no further 2 inches apart from each other so it can correctly support the mattress.

The product comes with great edge support because of the solid materials it is made of. Users will not feel like they are falling off of their beds while sleeping or lying on it. It is a comfortable place to lie on and relax. You will not sink down into the mattress and instead, it provides a rather buoyant feeling which makes resting and sleeping on it a breeze.

While it will accommodate sleepers of all types, it will largely benefit individuals who often sleep on their sides; due to the plusher design of the mattress, it lets side sleepers depress into the surface, allowing the bed to further conform to the natural curves of the user’s body.

This is also recommended for consumers who want to take their time testing the product—the company allows a 100-night provisional or trial period for it. It is also good for people who take a while to completely familiarize themselves with a new mattress.

The lengthy trial period that the company offers gives consumers sufficient time to examine the product well and guarantee that they are sleeping comfortably on it before they decide whether they want to keep the product. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product after the 100-day period, they can return it to the company for a complete refund.

The unit is also good for people who want a cooler mattress to rest on. Due to the gel-fused top later of the mattress, it maintains its cool temperature at all times for better sleeping at night, especially during the hottest season of the year.

This is also a great mattress for couples. The product has topnotch motion isolation so users will not feel each and every movement that their companion makes in bed while sleeping.


One of the disadvantages of this product is that it may not feel right for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that is lower on the firmness scale. It is not the best fit for users who are after a very firm mattress.


The Endy Mattress is an excellent memory foam type mattress for people who want comfort and a cooler bed to lie on. It has enough support that can accommodate the needs of side sleepers. It comes with cooling gel within the memory foam to maintain optimal coolness.

This is great for individuals who want a soft and plush bed that conforms to the natural curves of the body. Other than that, the product also comes with a great 100-night trial period, which is pretty extensive. For consumers who want a luxurious bed that won’t sink easily, this is something you need to check out.


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