Types of Mattresses

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These days, mattresses are not limited to spring-coil types. There is a good selection on the market, with each kind having its own sole function which will answer the specific needs of the consumer.

Knowing the Types of Mattresses

Modern mattresses have a range of new advancements and are usually combinations of 2 or more kinds of materials. Knowing the types of mattresses being sold will also help you make informed decisions and this article will discuss exactly that.

Coil mattress

First up, we have the coil mattress. Coil mattresses usually rely on steel coils which are tempered so it will provide extra durability and strength. These coils can be positioned in a range of varying outlines so it can give extra support to particular spots on the bed.

Brand new spring coil models are firm and give excellent support for individuals who often sleep on their backs. They are also the most affordable mattress type.

However, it comes with a shorter lifespan compared to other options in the market. Even with regular flipping, the mattress will begin to sag within 12 months and will depreciate in a span of 5-7 years.

If you often sleep on your side and you use a coil mattress, the mattress will place higher pressure on the hips and shoulders which leads to misalignment of the spine, causing neck and back pain.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam material was originally created by the NASA to ease the pressure caused by space shuttle liftoffs. Because its price has been reduced, it has become a great material for mattresses.

Memory foam, as its name implies, conforms to the shape of the user’s body and it maintains said shape for a time. A good quality memory foam mattress has a firm feel and is capable of distributing the weight evenly in spite of the user’s manner of sleeping. This kind of mattress has a lifespan that ranges between 10-20 years based on the quality of the product.

However, getting the feel of the bed might take some time for first-timers because of the weightless properties that the mattress produces. Some brand-new memory foam models also come with a strong smell, which eventually fades with time.

Waterbed mattress

A waterbed mattress was popular for some time because it can be heated, which made it a bestselling bed in areas with colder climates. It has a capability to ease pressure from the spine since the water in the mattress conforms well to the user’s body shape. But due to the free-flowing design of the unit, it also leads to waves produced every time the user moves and tosses about in bed.

The waves can hamper sleep and because it is filled with water, this type of mattress is also susceptible to leaking. Advantages of this mattress include excellent durability and they are dust-mite free.

Air mattress

The air mattress comes in a good selection of designs and quality. Users have to inflate the mattress using an air pump to a degree that they find comfortable. It makes it possible to manage the firmness of the bed by means of the amount of air pumped inside it. It is available mostly in single chamber and multi-chambered kinds.

The air kept inside the mattress conforms to the body shape of the user and it helps in decreasing the pressure that is applied to the spine. Air mattresses usually last for more than 10 years however, there are parts of it that can wear out and allow the item to lose its capability to give enough comfort and support.

Intelli-gel mattress

This is a brand new material seen on specific modern mattresses. Intelli-gel is a material wherein posts of elastic gel are positioned next to each other throughout the surface of the mattress. These posts or columns are made to stick up until a specific quantity of weight is applied to them. When the weight limit of the posts is reached, these posts buckle down and turn soft.

The posts all over the spot sustain support and firmness and this results in a mattress with a surface that is comfortable, and has sufficient support and firmness. Another benefit of this material is that it does not retain heat, unlike memory foam.


So those mentioned above are the different types of mattresses. One of them should be suitable for you and your needs. Invest in a good mattress because a good night’s rest is something all of us need to start another day right.


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